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Serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, in-demand keynote speaker and respected, mindful Parenting Coach, Tiffany Simpson is regarded as THE authority on breakthrough parenting for autism families. Her journey as Super Mom became apparent after her son was diagnosed with autism 9 years ago. It was during this challenge that she taught herself to create computer games and mobile apps to help her son overcome challenges with his speech and social skills. The results were amazing.

Today, her son Jayden Simpson, 13 years old, has his own business creating and teaching animation development. He recently launched his first online Animation Development Course. Check out this candid video of him in action.

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“Super Mom is considered to be one of the top Breakthrough Parenting Coaches for autism families.”

Best Selling Author

Tiffany Simpson is an international best selling author with more than 45,000 copies sold.

In her book, Born to Thrive: Overcoming Challenges with Autism, Tiffany goes a little bit more in depth with her journey. She explains how a simple routine led to her life-changing breakthrough. Tiffany offers more insight on how readers can create and adopt a routine of their own. And hopefully, they too can overcome seemingly impossible circumstances and begin to thrive as a family.

In this book Tiffany shares her mindful techniques in designing and executing a routine that altered the course of her life and that of her son. This book also includes worksheets and an activity app to help you emulate some of the same strategies that brought about her success.

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