I will Always be too much for some!

In this week’s blog post, I want to discuss fear and how it affects our ability to cope with challenges. A few years ago when my son was diagnosed with autism, I saw this fear for what it was. Fear and confusion that their cookie cutter lifestyle would be threatened. Of course there is no way for anyone to anticipate, let alone prepare for anything outside of the cookie cutter. And there I was with a “sick” child and my village said, “You’re on your own!” The village is not here to support your kind. There are guidelines.

There I was a single mom, raising a son with autism, exceptionally talented woman, with a monster child. Ok fine, blame me, punish me, but don’t hurt my child. It was a cross we were both left to bare alone. Outcasted, and mark for failure. Single mom? That is not the formula! Left by the wayside, anticipating our demise, but little did they know or understand that from certain catastrophe, we would rise.

We trump their little educational system, reemerging as the mother, with the golden child. It was a victory that baffled all the experts. This could not be. From non-verbal to kid-genius? This must not be! Embarrassed and ashamed, their bold insults were reduced to a whisper. She is back, and has changed the game. Never again to bare the shame. I can’t decipher your insinuations with all this clout. I solved a huge world problem, and a forced congratulations came from their mouth.

Every breath I take reminds them of how they were wrong. If only the could trick her to sing her song. But the song cannot be copied, each verse is unique. With her results, they could not compete. If only they could mimic her song, their village of exclusion could seek redemption. For in it lies the sad reality, the village is for some… it was never meant for inclusion.

And I Am Ok With That! F*ck that village.

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Super Mom

Super Mom

My name is Tiffany Simpson and I am a Breakthrough Parenting Coach for Autism Families and Super Mom to a 13 year old animation developer with autism. My journey as Super Mom became apparent after my son was diagnosed with autism. It was during this challenge that I taught myself to develop computer games and mobile apps. The results were amazing. Today, I help my clients overcome seemingly impossible challenges and build the amazing family life they have always dreamed of.

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